Paul Sung Ventresca has always had an eye for clean, efficient design and style. Tired of watching serious and overhyped ads for overpriced, flashy designer fragrances, he decided to experiment with a concept that would bring fragrance back to normalcy and put the power back into the hands of fragrance consumers.

Inspired by the vintage design and functionality of the soda siphons of the early 20th century, he decided to test a theory that ultimately led to the concept of the Sung Bottle infusion system and hopes that the fragrance solution will change the way that people traditionally think about fragrance and the fragrance industry as a whole. With the growing lifestyle market trending towards niche perfumes/colognes and essential oils, the Sung Bottle provides the perfect and most economical vehicle for customizable fragrance delivery and infusion.

Born in South Korea and raised in Massachusetts, Paul has been working diligently on his product with Datum3D Product Development of Watertown, MA. Over the past year, he has designed and developed the first iteration of functional prototypes for the patent pending Sung Bottle system. He is now in a position to test his theory in the market and tweak and adapt the system as needed. He is actively looking for partners in the fragrance and consumer goods industry for mentorship, guidance, and early investment.

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