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We are an online business but operate out of the fast-growing Union Square area!

Paul Sung Brands


Frequently Asked Questions

We are in the early iterations of testing and validating our idea and are looking for user feedback and suggestions. We hope to launch the product some time in 2019 and are looking for early-stage investors, advisors, and business partners.

We currently operate online-only and hope to accept pre-orders for the Sung Bottle infusion kit in the near future. Stay tuned and subscribe to our email list for updates!

We are still in the process of selecting our packaging/shipping partners, so please check back for updates.

We are in the process of selecting our final payment processing partner but are currently working with WooCommerce. We anticipate accepting American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and PayPal.

We anticipate that we will be able to accept unopened, unused Sung Bottle infusion kits and pre-filled cartridges within 30-days.

Yes, and we are actively looking to partner with retailers and wholesalers for bulk orders of the Paul Sung infusion kit, pre-filled cartridges, fragrance ingredients, and refillable cartridges. We are also open to licensing options for current fragrance producers. Please contact us with questions.

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